Warranty Information

Warranty Information


Manufactured One Year Limited Warranty

Bionix Radiation Therapy warrants that its Radiation Therapy Immobilization equipment, if properly used, is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase.

Exclusive Limited Warranty

If the Bionix manufactured immobilization equipment fails within the warranty period for any of the covered reasons, Bionix, at its option, will:

  • Repair the immobilization device; or
  • Replace the device with a new device

Bionix maintains the option to either repair or replace any items that fall under said warranty. Bionix does not accept returns for products needing repair if they are five (5) years or older.

Extent of Limited Warranty

This warranty is limited to items manufactured by Bionix Radiation Therapy.  This limited warranty does not cover damages due to external causes including accidents, usage not in accordance with product instructions, neglect, and/or device alteration.  If the product is altered in any way, Bionix retains the right to refuse any warranty on the product.  Third party items (those items which are not manufactured by or carry the Bionix logo) are subject to their own warranties and are not covered under the Bionix Exclusive Limited Warranty.

Limitations on Damage

Bionix shall not be liable for any special, consequential, or incidental damage; and buyer’s damage are limited to the rights of repair or replacement under this limited warranty.

Standard SecureVac™ Cushions (Blue)

All Standard SecureVac Cushions (Blue) are warranted to be free of manufacturer’s defects, leaks, tears, or rips for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. All cushions returned for examination within said period will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Subsequently, Bionix offers an additional one (1) year replacement plan, wherein any damaged Standard SecureVac Cushion meeting the above critera, will be replaced for the customer at a cost of 50% of the current retail price.

Warranty Exclusions

Bionix makes no expressed or implied warranties except for its limited warranty of repair and replacement provided above. Bionix makes no expressed or implied warranty of merchantability.  Bionix makes no expressed or implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.