SecureVac™ Immobilization System

SecureVac™ Cushions are customizable devices designed for long-term, multi-patient use. The SecureVac™ Cushions are constructed from a durable nylon material in our signature navy color, with an unparalleled one year warranty. The SecureVac™ Cushions maintain their shape during the course of treatment and can be used with a variety of Bionix Radiation Therapy adapters to reproduce patient setup.


  • Manufactured from thick nylon for a durable, rigid mold
  • Includes dual check valve and hose clamp to reduce leaking
  • Holds form for an entire treatment cycle (6–8 weeks)
  • Adaptable to industry standard pumps
  • Locks down to a variety of tabletops
Product Offering
Available in a variety of sizes and fills to meet treatment needs
Item # Description
SVRT-7380-A SecureVac Cushion, 150cm x 100cm, 80L
SVRT-7450-A SecureVac Cushion, 100cm x 100cm, 50L Fill
SVRT-7535-A SecureVac Cushion 100cm x 70cm, 35L Fill
SVRT-7600 SecureVac Tri-Vac, Three Chambered Cushion 215cm x 70cm, 12/12/35L Fill
SVRT-7625 SecureVac T-Vac, Two-Chambered Cushion 60cm x 100cm, 28L Fill & 100cm x 70cm, 24L Fill
SVRT-7820-A SecureVac Cushion 70cm x 70cm, 20L Fill
SVRT-7915 SecureVac Cushion 70cm x 50 cm, 15L Fill
SVRT-7130 SecureVac Cushion, 150cm x 70cm, 55L Fill
SVRT-7131 SecureVac Cushion, 80cm x 150cm, 35L Fill
SVRT-7132 SecureVac Cushion, 80cm x 150cm, 47L Fill
SVRT-7133 SecureVac Cushion, 80cm x 150cm, 55L Fill
SVRT-7134 SecureVac Cushion, 80cm x 150cm, 70L Fill
SVRT-7630 SecureVac Cushion, 115cm x 114cm, 25L Fill
SVRT-7635 SecureVac Cushion, 115cm x 114cm, 35L Fill


SecureVac Pump

The dual action pump with foot controls easily inflates and deflates SecureVac Cushions for easy molding.

Product Offering:

  • SVRT-7101

SecureVac Foot Switch

The foot switch connects to the Bionix SecureVac pumps and inflates and deflates SecureVac cushions for easy molding.

Product Offering:

  • SVRT-7108

T-Form SecureVac Box Adapter

The T-Form SecureVac Box Adapter is radiolucent and offers four points of localization. The Box Adapter will create a reliable mold to ensure accurate patient setups.

Product Offering:

  • SVRT-6017

Rolling Storage Cart

The Rolling Storage Cart safely and conveniently stores 7-10 SecureVac Cushions
Dimensions: 61"L x 23"W x 65" H

Product Offering:

  • SVRT- 7120


Hang your SecureVac Cushions onto the storage rack with S Hooks. The ends of the S Hooks are covered with plastic to protect the cushions (5/Pack).

Product Offering:

  • SVRT-7121