Embrace™ Thermoplastic

Embrace™ Thermoplastic masks set the standard for precision, patient comfort and reproducibility. The Embrace™ masks feature non-stick material, requiring a gentle pull that maintains a controlled stretch with an even hole pattern distribution. This results in reproducible positioning over the duration of treatment while providing improved patient comfort.

Bionix Radiation Therapy proudly offers masks for S-Type, VersaFrame, U-Frame and O-Type.


  • Controlled stretch; even hole pattern distribution for tensile strength of the material.
  • Minimal tackiness; material does not stick to patient and promotes comfort.
  • More positive rigidity compared to competitive products.
  • Minimal shrinkage for sustained use.
  • Smooth comfort edge provides maximum comfort along the neck line.
  • Dry Oven and Waterbath compatible U-Frame.
Embrace U-Frame
Standard U-Frames
Fit most head boards industry wide.
Item # Description
EMRT-8300 2.4mm, 10" x 10", Standard U-Frame
EMRT-8305 2.4mm, 10" x 12", Extended U-Frame
EMRT-8310 3.2mm, 10" x 10", Standard U-Frame
EMRT-8315 3.2mm, 10" x 12", Extended U-Frame
EMRT-8320 2.4mm, 10" x 10", Advantage U-Frame
EMRT-8325 2.4mm, 10" x 12", Extended SecureFrame
Embrace VersaBoard Frame
Versaboard Frames
To fit the Bionix Versaboard & Max 3 Supine Breast System.
Item # Description
EMRT-8330 2.4mm, Head Only VersaFrame SecureFrame
EMRT-8335 2.4mm, Head Only VersaFrame
EMRT-8340 3.2mm, Head Only VersaFrame
EMRT-8345 2.4mm, Head & Shoulder VersaFrame SecureFrame
EMRT-8350 2.4mm, Head & Shoulder VersaFrame
EMRT-8355 3.2mm, Head & Shoulder VersaFrame
Embrace VersaBoard Ultra Thermoplastic Set
Versaboard Ultra Frames
To fit the Bionix Versaboard Ultra.
Item # Description
EMRT-8740 VersaBoard Ultra Thermoplastic Set (4/box)
Embrace S-Type Frame
S-Type Frames
To fit the S-Type System.
Item #  Description
EMRT-8360 3.2mm, Head Only S-Type SecureFrame
EMRT-8365 2.4mm, Head Only S-Type
EMRT-8370 3.2mm, Head Only S-Type
EMRT-8375 3.2mm, Head & Shoulder S-Type SecureFrame
EMRT-8380 2.4mm, Head & Shoulder S-Type
EMRT-8385 3.2mm, Head & Shoulder S-Type
Embrace FreeView Open Face Mask
Vision RT Compatible

FreeView™ Open Face Masks featuring the New Brilliance Material are designed with patient comfort in mind, while maintaining setup efficiency. FreeView™ offers a light and smooth feeling creating a positive treatment experience for patients experiencing claustrophobia or anxiety.

FreeView™ Open Face Frames
To fit the S-Type System & VersaBoard System
Item # Description
EMRT-8331 3.2mm, Head Only FreeView VersaFrame SecureFrame
EMRT-8361 3.2mm, Head Only FreeView S-Type SecureFrame