Bionix Dry Oven

Dry Oven

The Bionix Radiation Therapy Dry Oven heats thermoplastic material using safe heat technology, while reducing the risk of cross-contamination. An intuitive digital display allows the dry oven to heat the thermoplastic material at an optimal temperature for molding, ensuring patient comfort during application.


  • Compact, space saving design, ideal for crowded departments.
  • Eliminates the inconveniences of using water.
  • Non-stick surface.
  • 3” Touch Display for temperature adjustments (Celsius or Fahrenheit).
  • Insulated Case.
  • Built-in timer function.
  • Outside Dimensions: 79cm x 58cm x 13cm
  • Inside Dimensions: 66cm x 51.5cm x 5.8cm

Product Offering:

  • KLSP-1601-D