MR Safe Solutions

T-Form Head & Neck Immobilizer / HNRT-6039

The T-Form Head & Neck Immobilizer is made out of a composite material that is radiolucent, light-weight and durable. The T-Form Head & Neck Immobilizer fits most U-Frame thermoplastic masks and interfaces with various attachments to provide multiple positioning options.


Silverman Head Rests / HNRT-8100K

Bionix Radiation Therapy offers Silverman head and neck supports. Silvermans come in sizes A-F and can be purchased as a set or individually.

TIMO Head Rests / HNRT-8200K

TIMO headrests offer six different heights and contours which provide versatility to attain the desired head angulation and repeatable positioning of the head. TIMO headrests are available both individually or in a set of six (A-F).


Embrace™ Thermoplastic

Embrace™ Thermoplastic masks set the standard for precision, patient comfort and reproducibility. The Embrace™ masks feature non-stick material, requiring a gentle pull that maintains a controlled stretch with an even hole pattern distribution. This results in reproducible positioning over the duration of treatment while providing improved patient comfort.

TruGuard™ Custom Tongue & Jaw Positioner / HNRT-3500 & HNRT-3501

Bionix® TruGuard™ helps radiation therapy departments position and
protect sensitive oral tissue with an easy to fit, custom device for
head and neck external beam radiation therapy treatments.

SecureVac Bar Adapter / UTRT-5014

SecureVac Bar Adapter / UTRT-5014

The SecureVac Bar Adapter offers two points of localization to index your cushions to the treatment couch.

T-Form SecureVac Box Adapter / SVRT-6017

The T-Form SecureVac Box Adapter is radiolucent and offers four points of localization. The Box Adapter will create a reliable mold to ensure accurate patient setups.

T-Form SecureVac Box Adapter / SVRT-6017

SecureFoam™ / BKRT-5036, BKRT-5037 & BKRT-5038

  • Maintains shape longer than the other two-part foams
  • Reimbursable as a complex treatment device
  • Simple, cost effective method of customized immobilization
  • Additional patient comfort liner available upon request
  • Available in 3 sizes to meet your patient positioning needs