Head and Neck

Embrace U-Frame

Embrace™ Thermoplastic

Embrace™ Thermoplastic masks set the standard for precision, patient comfort and reproducibility. The Embrace™ masks feature non-stick material, requiring a gentle pull that maintains a controlled stretch with an even hole pattern distribution. This results in reproducible positioning over the duration of treatment while providing improved patient comfort.
Bionix TruGuard

TruGuard™ Custom Tongue & Jaw Positioner

Bionix® TruGuard™ helps radiation therapy departments position and protect sensitive oral tissue with an easy to fit, custom device for head and neck external beam radiation therapy treatments.
MoldCare Pillows

MoldCare® Pillows

The MoldCare® Pillow is a customizable single-use or single patient use product. MoldCare Pillows can be used in conjunction with Silverman Head Rests or as a stand alone product.

Bionix now conveniently offers two sizes of MoldCare Pillows:

  • MCRT-6200 20cm x 25cm
  • MCRT-6202 20cm x 35cm