SecureVac™ Immobilization System

SecureVac™ Cushions are customizable devices designed for long-term, multi-patient use. The SecureVac™ Cushions are constructed from a durable nylon material in our signature navy color, with an unparalleled one year warranty. The SecureVac™ Cushions maintain their shape during the course of treatment and can be used with a variety of Bionix Radiation Therapy adapters to reproduce patient setup.


  • Manufactured from thick nylon for a durable, rigid mold
  • Includes dual check valve and hose clamp to reduce leaking
  • Holds form for an entire treatment cycle (6–8 weeks)
  • Adaptable to industry standard pumps
  • Locks down to a variety of tabletops
SecureVac™ Immobilization System
Available in a variety of sizes and fills to meet treatment needs
Item # Description
SVRT-7130 SecureVac Cushion 150cm x 70cm, 55L Fill
SVRT-7380-A SecureVac Cushion, 150cm x 100cm, 80L
SVRT-7450-A SecureVac Cushion, 100cm x 100cm, 50L Fill
SVRT-7535 SecureVac Cushion 100cm x 70cm, 35L Fill
SVRT-7600 SecureVac Tri-Vac, Three Chambered Cushion 215cm x 70cm, 12/12/35L Fill
SVRT-7625 SecureVac T-Vac, Two-Chambered Cushion 60cm x 100cm, 28L Fill & 100cm x 70cm, 24L Fill
SVRT-7702 SecureVac Cushion 50cm x 20cm, 2.25L Fill
SVRT-7820 SecureVac Cushion 70cm x 70cm, 20L Fill
SVRT-7915-A SecureVac Cushion 70cm x 50 cm, 15L Fill
SVRT-7815 SecureVac Cushion 70cm x 70cm, 15L Fill

All Standard SecureVac Cushions (Blue) are warranted to be free of manufacturer’s defects, leaks, tears, or rips for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. All cushions returned for examination within said period will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Subsequently, Bionix offers an additional one (1) year replacement plan, wherein any damaged Standard SecureVac Cushion meeting the above criteria, will be replaced for the customer at a cost of 50% of the current retail price.



SecureVac Pump / SVRT-7101

The dual action pump with foot controls easily inflates and deflates SecureVac Cushions for easy molding.

SecureVac Foot Switch / SVRT-7108

The foot switch connects to the Bionix SecureVac pumps and inflates and deflates SecureVac cushions for easy molding.

SecureVac Foot Switch / SVRT-7108
SecureVac Bar Adapter / UTRT-5014

SecureVac Bar Adapter / UTRT-5014

The SecureVac Bar Adapter offers two points of localization to index your cushions to the treatment couch.

T-Form SecureVac Box Adapter / SVRT-6017

The T-Form SecureVac Box Adapter is radiolucent and offers four points of localization. The Box Adapter will create a reliable mold to ensure accurate patient setups.

T-Form SecureVac Box Adapter / SVRT-6017

Rolling Storage Cart / SVRT- 7120

The Rolling Storage Cart safely and conveniently stores 7-10 SecureVac Cushions
Dimensions: 61"L x 23"W x 65" H

S-Hooks / SVRT-7121

Hang your SecureVac Cushions onto the storage rack with S Hooks. The ends of the S Hooks are covered with plastic to protect the cushions (5/Pack).