A Better Bionix

At Bionix Radiation Therapy, our promise of providing safe, reliable and innovative products to thousands of customers worldwide means that we must continually invest in our organization to Build A Better Bionix. As we increase our focus on innovation in our product portfolio, we’re also continually enhancing our commitment to produce quality, and on-time delivery while building safe and innovative products that are unique to the value they provide to our customer.

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What they’re saying
Brian Lee, RT(R)(T) Staff Therapist, Radiation Oncology Department, Sharp Memorial Outpatient Pavilion
The Accu-Tatt is extremely simple to use, ergonomic, and safe. The Accu-Tatt is an all-in-one tattooing device consisting of a comfortably sized applicator, easy to squeeze ink ampule, and needles of various sizes with needle caps. Using only one per patient eliminates any cross contamination amongst patients and adheres to any facilities infection control measures. I highly endorse the Accu-Tatt system from Bionix. Once you go Accu-Tatt, you can’t go back!
Ali Malavite, BSRT (T) Lead Radiation Therapist, Wooster Community Hospital
I have been utilizing the Accu-Tatt single-use tattoo device for patient markings for a couple of years. I would definitely recommend other centers to utilize this integrated device as it is a safe, convenient, and accurate technology.
Steve James Site Manager
TruGuard, the answer to what the physician was looking for. A mouth piece that does it all. Multiple opening positions. A device to wrap around those metal fillings to reduce scatter that the patient did not want to remove. A tongue positioner that does exactly what I only wished those other devices could do. All in one system! I would highly recommend this product if you are looking for better reproducibility, the flexibility of options of opening and the option to insert the tongue positioner for exceptional tongue positioning.
Patti Hall VA Medical Center Bay Pines
Accu-Tatt is safer and there is a less chance for contamination. I would recommend Bionix Accu-Tatt to others.
Laura Ryan RTT (R)(T) Clinical Manager, Oncology Services, Dover, DE
We felt that the overall immobilization was better than other products we reviewed. The option to have the respiratory belt is very positive. Overall the patient comfort is better. The ease for the physician to inhibit respirations is essential to the setup and treatment.
Jennifer Parker (R)(T) Chief Radiation Therapist, North Coast Cancer Care, Sandusky, OH
We chose the Bionix Omni V because of its versatility; we can customize each piece ofthe device for better reproducibility and comfort for the patient during treatment.
Joyce Baptist Health Lexington
The oven provides even heating of the mask, allowing uniformity and ease of application. The heated mask has less pressure to the patient compared to masks heated in water bath. Pros: Easy to maintain; cleaner than using water bath.