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Welcome to the new Bionix Radiation Therapy. Our look has changed to reflect our diverse and expanding portfolio. Bionix has been providing the radiation therapy community with innovative, quality and precise products for external beam radiation therapy for over 30 years. We are dedicated to collaboration with clinicians to create novel approaches to current challenges in radiation oncology. We strive for elegant, simple and effective solutions with patient outcome in mind.

Bionix Radiation Therapy is at the forefront of clinical technology. We are taking radical approaches to improve precision and accuracy from the most highly complex cancers that require advanced precision. Our solutions are providing clinicians with the tools they need to treat cancer while we maintain our focus on the fight to end cancer.

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What They’re Saying

We chose the Bionix Omni V because of its versatility; we can customize each piece of the device for better reproducibility and comfort for the patient during treatment.
Chief Radiation Therapist, North Coast Cancer Care, Sandusky, OH
Jennifer Parker R.T.
TruGuard, the answer to what the physician was looking for.  A mouth piece that does it all.  Multiple opening positions, a device to wrap around those metal fillings to reduce scatter that the patient did not want to remove.  A tongue positioner that does exactly what I only wished those other devices could do.  All in one system!
Site Manager
Steve James
The oven provides even heating of the mask, allowing uniformity and ease of application. The heated mask has less pressure to the patient compared to masks heated in water bath. Pros: Easy to maintain; cleaner than using water bath. 
Baptist Health Lexington
I have been utilizing the Accu-Tatt single-use tattoo device for patient markings for a couple of years. I would definitely recommend other centers to utilize this integrated device as it is a safe, convenient, and accurate technology.
Lead Radiation Therapist, Wooster Community Hospital
Ali Malavite, BSRT (T)

Our commitment is to provide solutions based on input from PHYSICIANS, PHYSICISTS and CLINICAL STAFF in the interest of IMPROVING TREATMENT delivery for all CANCER PATIENTS.

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Chris Becker | President

Bionix Radiation Therapy has an established position in the radiation oncology market, with over 34 years of expertise. We have maintained our leadership with the diversity of our extensive product portfolio, while consistently challenging ourselves to innovate, and continue to provide our customers with the best service and products possible. As the healthcare industry evolves, we are prepared to solve challenges and maintain our focus and commitment on making the implementation of disruptive technology as streamlined as possible.

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