SecureVac Immobilization System

SecureVac Cushions are popular reusable, customizable devices in the radiation therapy community. The wide range of shapes and sizes allow for custom immobilization of the patient’s extremities, head and whole body. The cushions are constructed from a strong nylon material and are filled with polystyrene spheres. SecureVac Cushions maintain their shape throughout the treatment cycle and can be used with a variety of adapters to reproduce patient setups.

  • Manufactured from thick nylon for a durable, rigid mold
  • Includes dual check valve and hose clamp to reduce leaking
  • Holds form for an entire treatment cycle (6–8 weeks)
  • Adaptable to industry standard pumps
  • Locks down to a variety of tabletops
  • Available in a variety of sizes & fills to meet treatment needs