Omni V® SBRT System / SBRT-4500

Specifically designed for accuracy and tumor-focused positioning, the new generation Omni V® system includes multiple customizable options, allowing each patient to be securely positioned during treatment. The total body system is easy to use and locks down onto most treatment couches, making complex treatments easier and more accessible.

The Max3™ Plus Breast Board / UTRT-7020

The Max 3™ Plus Breast Board is made out of carbon fiber and is specifically designed to treat breast and lung patients. The system features large grid panels and an integrated carbon fiber wedge system. The system also accommodates a large variety of accessories to secure patients during treatment.

SecureVac™ Immobilization System

    SecureVac Cushions are durable, accurate and cost-effective. They are reusable and airtight filled with small polystyrene spheres to immobilize the patient. SecureVac Cushions feature a nylon material that is stronger to prevent punctures and leaks.

Carbon Fiber Butterfly Boards

    Bionix’s standard and extended Butterfly Boards are designed to comfortably support patients arms during treatment procedures of the breast, lung and thorax.

    • Made of lightweight & radiolucent Carbon Fiber.
    • Locks down onto most couchtops.
    • Extended Butterfly Boards offer a T-Grip handle for two axis of adjustability.
    • Butterfly Boards easily attach to Bionix Breast Boards.

Acrylic Butterfly Boards

  • Locks down to most couchtops
  • Designed to fit a CT Scanner
  • Easily added to any Bionix Breast or Torso Board