VersaBoard ULTRA™ (RT-7040-02)

The VersaBoard™ ULTRA gives healthcare providers an easy to use, quick to set up and highly dependable solution for patients undergoing IMRT, IGRT, SRT and SRS treatments. The VersaBoard™ ULTRA provides a unique clam shell design made from a proprietary blend of Embrace™ Thermoplastic for superior patient positioning.
Ease of Use:
• Lightweight for easy transportation
• Quick and simple set upTreatment Planning and Dose Delivery:
• Minimal material simplifies planning and reduces obstructions
• Simple, durable design to reduce downtime as a result of equipment failure
• Made of radiolucent carbon fiber

• Ruled edges facilitate alignment

All Inclusive:
• Sold as a turn-key package including the VersaBoard™ Ultra, two SecureFit™ bars, and four each of the posterior and anterior Embrace™ Thermoplastic masks

Versaboard Ultra Thermoplastic Set EMRT-8740
Includes 4 anterior frames and 4 posterior frames.

The Next Generation for Treating Patients Undergoing IMRT, IGRT, SRT & SRS Treatments VersaBoard ™ ULTR A