Embrace™ Thermoplastic

Embrace Thermoplastic is a premium low-melt material used to create customizable immobilization for patients receiving radiation therapy treatments of the head & neck. Embrace Thermoplastic is user and patient friendly featuring decreased tackiness and shrinkage The Embrace Thermoplastic material also encompasses an even hole distribution pattern after molding, which helps increase overall rigidity.

    Embrace Material Benefits:
  • Controlled Stretch; even hole pattern distribution helps increase tensile strength of the material.
  • Minimal tackiness; material does not stick to patient and promotes comfort
  • More positive rigidity compared to competitive products
  • Minimal shrinkage for sustained use
  • Smooth comfort edge provides maximum patient comfort along the neck line
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • All U-Frame Masks feature more thermoplastic with a durable, narrow frame
  • U-Frames are compatible with most industry headboards
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Standard U-Frames
Fit most head boards industry wide.
Item # Description
RT-8300 2.4mm, 10" x 10", Standard U-Frame
RT-8305 2.4mm, 10" x 12", Extended U-Frame
RT-8310 3.2mm, 10" x 10", Standard U-Frame
RT-8315 3.2mm, 10" x 12", Extended U-Frame
RT-8320 2.4mm, 10" x 10", Advantage U-Frame
RT-8325 2.4mm, 10" x 12", Extended SecureFrame

Versaboard Frames
Fit Bionix Versaboard & Max 3 Supine Breast System.
Item # Description
RT-8330 2.4mm, Head Only VersaFrame SecureFrame
RT-8335 2.4mm, Head Only VersaFrame
RT-8340 3.2mm, Head Only VersaFrame
RT-8345 2.4mm, Head & Shoulder VersaFrame SecureFrame
RT-8350 2.4mm, Head & Shoulder VersaFrame
RT-8355 3.2mm, Head & Shoulder VersaFrame

S-Type Frames
To fit the S-Type System.
Item # Description
RT-8360 2.4mm, Head Only S-Type SecureFrame
RT-8365 2.4mm, Head Only S-Type
RT-8370 3.2mm, Head Only S-Type
RT-8375 2.4mm, Head & Shoulder S-Type SecureFrame
RT-8380 2.4mm, Head & Shoulder S-Type
RT-8385 3.2mm, Head & Shoulder S-Type