Embrace Thermoplastic, Featuring the New Brilliance Material, creates customizable immobilization for patients receiveing radiation therapy of the head and neck. The New Brilliance Material requires a gentle stretch, resulting in low shrinkage.

    Embrace Material Benefits:
  • Controlled Stretch with even hole pattern distribution for tensile strength of the material
  • Water bath and Dry Oven Compatible
  • Requires less stretching, resulting in minimal shrinkage
  • Non-stick Thermoplastic
  • Optimizes workflow efficiency while increasing patient throughput
  • All U-Frame Masks feature more thermoplastic with a durable, narrow frame
  • U-Frames are compatible with most industry headboards

Standard U-Frames
Fit most head boards industry wide.
Item # Description
RT-8300 2.4mm, 10" x 10", Standard U-Frame
RT-8305 2.4mm, 10" x 12", Extended U-Frame
RT-8310 3.2mm, 10" x 10", Standard U-Frame
RT-8315 3.2mm, 10" x 12", Extended U-Frame
RT-8320 2.4mm, 10" x 10", Advantage U-Frame
RT-8325 2.4mm, 10" x 12", Extended SecureFrame

Versaboard Frames
Fit Bionix Versaboard & Max 3 Supine Breast System.
Item # Description
RT-8330 2.4mm, Head Only VersaFrame SecureFrame
RT-8335 2.4mm, Head Only VersaFrame
RT-8340 3.2mm, Head Only VersaFrame
RT-8345 2.4mm, Head & Shoulder VersaFrame SecureFrame
RT-8350 2.4mm, Head & Shoulder VersaFrame
RT-8355 3.2mm, Head & Shoulder VersaFrame

S-Type Frames
To fit the S-Type System.
Item # Description
RT-8360 2.4mm, Head Only S-Type SecureFrame
RT-8365 2.4mm, Head Only S-Type
RT-8370 3.2mm, Head Only S-Type
RT-8375 2.4mm, Head & Shoulder S-Type SecureFrame
RT-8380 2.4mm, Head & Shoulder S-Type
RT-8385 3.2mm, Head & Shoulder S-Type