Embrace Thermoplastic

Embrace Thermoplastic, Featuring the New Brilliance Material, creates customizable immobilization for patients receiveing radiation therapy of the head and neck. The New Brilliance Material requires a gentle stretch, resulting in low shrinkage.

Embrace Material Benefits:

  • Controlled Stretch with even hole pattern distribution for tensile strength of the material
  • Water bath and Dry Oven Compatible
  • Requires less stretching, resulting in minimal shrinkage
  • Non-stick Thermoplastic
  • Optimizes workflow efficiency while increasing patient throughput
  • All U-Frame Masks feature more thermoplastic with a durable, narrow frame
  • U-Frames are compatible with most industry headboards
Standard U-Frames
Fit most head boards industry wide.
Item # Description
RT-8300 2.4mm, 10" x 10", Standard U-Frame
RT-8305 2.4mm, 10" x 12", Extended U-Frame
RT-8310 3.2mm, 10" x 10", Standard U-Frame
RT-8315 3.2mm, 10" x 12", Extended U-Frame
RT-8320 2.4mm, 10" x 10", Advantage U-Frame
RT-8325 2.4mm, 10" x 12", Extended SecureFrame
Versaboard Frames
Fit Bionix Versaboard & Max 3 Supine Breast System.
Item # Description
RT-8330 2.4mm, Head Only VersaFrame SecureFrame
RT-8335 2.4mm, Head Only VersaFrame
RT-8340 3.2mm, Head Only VersaFrame
RT-8345 2.4mm, Head & Shoulder VersaFrame SecureFrame
RT-8350 2.4mm, Head & Shoulder VersaFrame
RT-8355 3.2mm, Head & Shoulder VersaFrame
S-Type Frames
To fit the S-Type System.
Item #
RT-8360 3.2mm, Head Only S-Type SecureFrame
RT-8365 2.4mm, Head Only S-Type
RT-8370 3.2mm, Head Only S-Type
RT-8375 3.2mm, Head & Shoulder S-Type SecureFrame
RT-8380 2.4mm, Head & Shoulder S-Type
RT-8385 3.2mm, Head & Shoulder S-Type

FreeView™ Open Face Masks featuring the New Brilliance Material offer patient comfort and security while maintaining setup efficiency. FreeView Open Face Masks offer compatibility with TruGuard Custom Tongue and Jaw Positioner and other bite blocks. FreeView Masks optimize workflow efficiency while increasing patient throughput.

FreeView™ Open Face Frames
To fit the S-Type System & VersaBoard System
Item # Description
EMRT-8331 3.2mm Head Only FreeView VersaFrame SecureFrame
EMRT-8361 3.2mm Head Only FreeView S-Type SecureFrame