Head and Neck

The VersaBoard™ ULTRA / HNRT-7040-02

The VersaBoard™ ULTRA gives healthcare providers an easy to use, quick to set up and highly dependable solution for patients undergoing IMRT, IGRT, SRT and SRS treatments. The simple clam shell design offers a treatment field with minimal obstructions and reduces intrafraction immobilization to sub 3mm and interfraction reproducibility to sub 5mm.

The VersaBoard™ / HNRT-7040

The VersaBoard™ was designed specifically to better stabilize head, neck and brain patients during IMRT treatments. The carbon fiber VersaBoard offers a variety of thermoplastic and accessory options. The VersaBoard also provides the option to cantilever off the end of the couch to allow for a 360 treatment angle.

Embrace™ Thermoplastic

Embrace™ Thermoplastic is premium low-melt material used to create customizable immobilization for patients receiving radiation therapy treatments of the head & neck. Embrace Thermoplastic is user and patient friendly featuring decreased tackiness and shrinkage. The Embrace Thermoplastic material also encompasses an even hole distribution pattern after molding, which helps increase overall rigidity.

Esophageal Applicator – E-APP™

The E-APP™ is a first of its kind, disposable brachytherapy applicator designed specifically for the treatment of upper GI cancers. Five independently operable balloons are designed to maintain the central position of the source catheter in both straight and curved anatomy allowing for closer proximity of the target to the source while maintaining distance for healthy tissue.

T-Form Head & Neck Immobilizer / HNRT-6039

The T-Form Head & Neck Immobilizer is made out of a composite material that is radiolucent, light-weight and durable. The T-Form Head & Neck Immobilizer fits most U-Frame thermoplastic masks and interfaces with various attachments to provide positioning options.