Pelvis Belly Plus System / PBRT-5105

The new generation of the Pelvis Belly Plus System comfortably positions patients, while achieving greater bowel displacement. The system is also easily transportable and provides every patient with the highest level of comfort.

Simplicity In Use:

  • Lightweight radiolucent T-Form multi-treatment base.
  • Single lower extremity pad, with sculpted leg and thigh cushioning, provides greater support and comfort.
  • Easily transportable and lightweight therapist-friendly device, which makes it easy to transport from the simulation room to the treatment room.

Dose Delivery:

  • Proprietary multi-layered variable density foam pad set makes setup accurate and reproducible, while keeping patients comfortable.


  • Dual Foam, massage-style face cushion aides in patient comfort.
  • Small and medium abdominal inserts accommodate a wide range of patient sizes, with an optional large abdominal insert package
  • Now available with a genital ecess, which helps to further remove areas from the treatment field.
  • Made in the USA