Comfort Hold™ Thigh & Foot Positioner / PBRT-6030B

The Comfort Hold™ Thigh and Foot Positioner is a customizable device offering multiple indexing options for the lower extremities. This versatile product allows natural positioning of the feet and legs, reducing leg fatigue. The Comfort Hold™ Thigh and Foot Positioner is available as a system or can be purchased as individual units.


  • Multiple indexing locations allow the light radiolucent T-Form foot plate to move superior to inferior.
  • Offers two height adjustment options and a straight or 20 degree splayed angle for the feet.
  • Removable foot cup pads to accommodate shoes-on and shoes-off treatment preferences.
  • Constructed from a durable foam to aid in patient comfort.
  • Dual channel riser to support the legs at 115 degree bend at the knee.