Chris Becker

Bionix Radiation Therapy has an established position in the radiation oncology market, with over 34 years of expertise. We have maintained our leadership with the diversity of our extensive product portfolio, while consistently challenging ourselves to innovate, and continue to provide our customers with the best service and products possible. As the healthcare industry evolves, we are prepared to solve challenges and maintain our focus and commitment on making the implementation of disruptive technology as streamlined as possible.

Bionix Radiation Therapy’s Mission
To provide enhanced solutions, inspired by collaboration, for the fight against cancer. We pride ourselves on our relentless effort to support our customers by being their trusted advisor, collaboratingwith industry leaders, and delivering high quality products that help save lives.

Bionix Radiation Therapy product solutions have continued to impact healthcare by addressing the needs of clinicians with innovations such as the Accu-Tatt™ tattooing device. More recently Bionix added brachytherapy applicators to our portfolio, providing customers with the most disruptive technology in the market for better patient outcome.

From the beginning, Bionix Radiation Therapy has been developing solutions for our customers, always looking for ways to increase efficiency and patient outcome. Whenever we are considering bringing a new product to the Bionix Radiation Therapy portfolio, we ask ourselves “How will this provide clinicians the solution they need to save a life?”

Bionix Radiation Therapy’s Values
We believe in being a partner, not a vendor. We collaborate with the industry’s most innovative thinkers to improve treatment delivery for all patients.

We are committed to change and innovation. We welcome change and encourage invention and continuously seek better and more efficient ways to achieve our goals to bring industry leading solutions.

We have integrity. We are committed to regular evaluations of our company and continuous quality improvement to assure that our solutions provide the best possible clinical outcomes.

As the healthcare landscape continues to change, we maintain our efforts on innovation and providing our customers with the best possible product to improve patient outcome. It’s our goal at Bionix Radiation Therapy to be your trusted advisor, thought leader and partner.
I am privileged to lead a company full of people who work daily to provide solutions that help save lives.

Chris Becker, President