The Prone Breast System / PBRT-6025-03

Created with a focus on ensuring patient comfort, re-positional accuracy and simplicity in use, the Bionix Prone Breast System reduces irradiation to the chest wall, healthy cardiac tissue and lungs.

With every Prone Breast System that is purchased, Bionix will donate a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer research.

Dose Delivery:

  • Clinically enhanced design provides an unobstructed lateral field; the only thing between you and your target is the table.
  • Proprietary multi-layered variable density foam pad set makes setup accurate and reproducible, while keeping patients comfortable.


  • Dual foam, massage-style face cushion aides in patient comfort.
  • 15 degree contralateral wedge, to assist with patient tilt.
  • System includes one large or small opening breast bridge based on facility needs.
  • Made in the U.S.A. – Low profile Prone Breast System available upon request. Lead times may vary.

Comparative views of Supine Positioning vs. Prone

Figures 1 and 2 – Compare the coverage of the breast tissue and demonstrate the amount of normal tissue that is spared during irradiation.

In Figure 1 – The patient is positioned supine, using a standard breast board. In this position, the chest wall and lung is exposed to the treatment field.

In Figure 2 – The patient is positioned prone, using the Bionix Prone Breast System. In this position, the treatment volume spares the patient’s chest wall and vital organs.

Figure 1. -View of a patient in the supine position.

Figure 1. -View of a patient in the supine position.

Figure 2. - The same patient with comparative views in the prone position.

Figure 3. A sectional view of a patient positioned prone on the Bionix Prone Breast System

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