Acrylic Butterfly Boards

A single piece, polycarbonate base, and lightweight, durable board that serves one very important role - It gives patients a place to rest their arms. A simple and comfortable way to support patient's arms during treatment of the breast, lungs or thorax. It's designed to fit into a CT Scanner. It's easily added to any Bionix Breast Board or TorsoBoard if you need some elevation and stability.

Acrylic Extended Butterfly Board / UTRT-5527

Used for treatment and/or diagnostic procedures of the breast, lung and thorax, the Bionix Extended Butterfly Board comfortably supports a patient's arms. Designed to fit into a CT scanner the Extended Butterfly Board features a one-piece polycarbonate base with an adjustable T-Bar handgrip. The T-Bar offers both vertical and horizontal adjustments for precise patient positioning and maximum comfort.