The Accu-Tatt™ is an all inclusive, sterile, single-use tattoo device for patient marking. Every Accu-Tatt™ Pouch conveniently contains (1) 1", 18 or (1) 1" 22 gauge safety hypodermic needle and (1) ampoule with black tattoo ink. The tattoo markings made by Accu-Tatt™ are both small and permanent. The ergonomic design allows for increased control and assists in accurate patient setups. There are 25 tattoo pouches in every Accu-Tatt™ box.

TruGuard™ Custom Tongue & Jaw Positioner / UTRT-3500

Bionix® TruGuard™ helps radiation therapy departments position and protect sensitive oral tissue with an easy to fit, custom device for head and neck external beam radiation therapy treatments.
  • Helps protect oral cavity from backscatter radiation by sparing surrounding soft tissue
  • Reproducible, passive positioning of the tongue to separate sensitive, healthy tissue
  • Compatible with all thermoplastic masks
  • Advanced, custom positioning aid
  • Quickly created within department
  • Easy to assemble, clean and store

T-Form Extremity Immobilizer System

T-Form Extremity Immobilizer System / HNRT-6060

Extremity Soft Tissue Sarcomas are some of the most challenging areas to position and immobilize. The T-Form Extremity Immobilizer was designed to provide stability, comfort and high precision along with the ability to conform to different patient anatomical tumor locations that vary in size and shape.

MoldCare® Pillow


MoldCare® Pillows

MOLDCARE® pillows are customized head supports composed of a soft fabric bag containing expanded polystyrene beads coated in a moisture-cured resin. When activated with water, the pillow becomes rigid, conforming to the contours of the patient's head and neck.



  • Maintains shape longer than the other two-part foams
  • Reimbursable as a complex treatment device
  • Simple, cost effective method of customized immobilization
  • Additional patient comfort liner available upon request
  • Available in 3 sizes to meet your patient positioning needs

Silverman Head Rests

Silverman Head Rests / HNRT-8100K

Bionix Radiation Therapy offers Silverman head and neck supports. Silvermans come in sizes A-F and can be purchased as a set or individually.

The Multi-Treatment Storage Cart

The Multi-Treatment Storage Cart / OTRT- 8000

The Storage Cart was designed to conveniently store the Multi-Treatment Base and cushion sets for the Prone Breast and Pelvis Belly Plus systems. In addition the cart provides storage for other immobilization devices such as VersaBoard head & neck boards, Max3 supine breast boards, SecureVac bags and more.

  • Cart contains 4 - 18" x 48" shelves for maximum storage capacity of Prone Breast and Pelvis Belly Plus cushion sets
  • Reinforced shelves provide a maximum weight limit of 800 lbs. per shelf
  • Side hook and basket create optimal storage for the Multi-Treatment Base
  • Lightweight polymer construction
  • Each shelf contains an antimicrobial to promote a clean environment
  • Equipped with 4 locking castors to ease transportation within the department
  • Extended handle makes maneuvering the cart easy

SecureFit™ Bars

SecureFit™ Bars

Bionix has developed the SecureFit Bar and the SecureFit Sliding Bar to lock down to the Varian Exact™ Couch, as well as bars for most couches. This positioning aid will help with exact and precise positioning throughout the entire treatment.

  • Elekta Bar, Siemens Bar (UTRT-5018 & UTRT-5016)
  • Carbon Fiber SecureFit Bar Varian Exact (UTRT-7010)
  • SecureFit Bar II Varian Exact (UTRT-5012A)

Skillet Waterbath

Analog Waterbath/ RT-1600A Digital Waterbath/ RT-1600B

The large waterbath is designed to fit thermoplastic materials ranging from head only masks to head and shoulder masks. A temperature gauge enables the water bath temperature to be preset between 155O F to 175O F.

Analog Waterbath

Skillet/ RT-750

Perfect for the compact size of Embrace U-Frame head only thermoplastic. Dimensions: 14.5" x 10.5" x 2.5" deep. 100v only.

Dry Oven

The Bionix Radiation Therapy Dry Oven heats thermoplastic material using safe heat technology, while reducing the risk of cross-contamination. An intuitive digital display allows the dry oven to heat the thermoplastic material at an optimal temperature for molding, ensuring patient comfort during application.


Part Number: SVRT-7121
Hang your SecureVac Cushions onto the storage rack with S Hooks. The ends of the S Hooks are covered with plastic to protect the cushions. (5/Pack).

SecureVac Pump

Part Number: SVRT-7104
The dual action pump with foot controls easily inflates and deflates SecureVac Cushions for easy molding.

Rolling SecureVac Storage Cart

Part Number: SVRT-7120 Storage Cart
The Storage Cart safely and conveniently stores 7-10 SecureVac Cushions
Dimensions: 61"L x 23"W x 65" H