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Bionix Prone Breast Board RT-4500 / The Omni V SBRT System
Specifically designed for accuracy and tumor-focused positioning, the new generation
Omni V® system includes multiple customizable options, allowing each patient to be
securely positioned during treatment. The total body system is easy to use and locks
down onto most treatment couches, making complex treatments easier and more

• Lightweight, easy to adjust components offer effortless transportation and set-up

Dose Delivery:
• Large, open treatment window, to accommodate a greater choice of treatment options
• Carefully selected materials provide for low-attenuation

• All major adjustments measured in mm for positional and re-positional accuracy
• Patient positioning checklist for detailed documentation to guide the patient through
simulation, for re-positional accuracy during treatment and for a detailed permanent
document copy

• Available as a complete package system, which includes on-site training, a 3-year
warranty, overnight service and all hardware necessary for treatment, allowing you to
implement your SBRT program quicker, faster and easier

Comprehensive System Package Includes:
Qty: 1 - Light-weight, Radiolucent indexing T-Form Treatment Base
Qty: 2 - Carbon Fiber Turner Arches with a quick release function
Qty: 1 - Carbon Fiber Respiratory Suppression Plate to control respiratory motion
Qty: 1 - Respiratory Suppression Belt
Qty: 4 - Revolutionary Multi-Chamber SecureVac Cushions* (2) Tri-Vac & (2) T-Vac
Qty: 1 - Comfort Hold Thigh & Foot Positioner for lower extremity immobilization
Qty: 1 - Upper Arm Support for effortless positioning of the upper extremities
Qty: 2 - Carbon Fiber SecureFit Lock down Bars
Qty: 1 - Thigh Strap

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Multi-Chamber SecureVac Bags for the Bionix SBRT System RT-7625 / T-Vac Dual-Chamber SecureVac Cushion - 165 x 130cm, 70L Fill
The T-Vac cushion has two separate chambers and is shaped like the letter “T”.
The shape allows the SecureVac Cushion to be a popular choice for immobilizing
upper extremities. It works extremely well when utilized with a Butterfly Board.
• Upper Chamber 60L x 130cm, 35L Fill
• Lower Chamber 100L x 70cm, 35L Fill

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RT-7600 / Tri-Vac SecureVac Cushion -
215 x 70cm, 52L Fill
The Tri-Vac Cushion is designed for full body immobilization.
The cushion has three separate chambers:
• Upper Chamber 65 x70Wcm, 12L Fill
• Middle Chamber 65 x 70Wcm, 12L Fill
• Lower Chamber 90 x70cm, 35L Fill
Product Detail Sheet
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Omni V® - SBRT Positioning System back

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