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Bionix Prone Breast Board RT-6025 / The Prone Breast System
Created with a focus on ensuring patient comfort, re-positional accuracy and simplicity in use,
The Bionix Prone Breast System reduces irradiation to the chest wall, healthy cardiac tissue
and lungs. As the new generation of patient positioning, the system allows for even weight
distribution and the accommodation of a diverse variety of patient sizes onto the system.

• Lightweight radiolucent T-form multi-treatment base, compatible with the
Pelvis Belly Plus System, makes owning both more economically feasible.
• As an easily stored and lightweight therapist-friendly device, the system
also locks down onto most treatment couches.

Product Detail Sheet / Instructions / Positioning Sheet
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Disposable face covers RT-6125 / Disposable Face Covers

A box of 50 disposable face covers
for the Prone Breast System.

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  Prone Breast pad Set RT-6025-10 / Prone Breast Pad Set

The Prone Breast Pads are also available
without the Multi-treatment Base.

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Multi-Treatment Base RT-00-0600 / The T-Form Multi-treatment Base

The T-Form Multi-Treatment Base can be used with both
the Pelvis/Belly & Prone Breast cushion sets.

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Multi-Treatment Storage cart RT- 8000 / The Multi-treatment Storage Cart
The Storage Cart was designed to conveniently store the Multi-Treatment Base and cushion sets
for the Prone Breast and Pelvis Belly Plus systems. In addition the cart provides storage for other
immobilization devices such as VersaBoard head & neck boards, Max3 supine breast boards,
SecureVac bags and more.
• Cart contains 4 - 18" x 48" shelves for maximum storage capacity of Prone Breast
and Pelvis Belly Plus cushion sets
• Reinforced shelves provide a maximum weight limit of 800 lbs. per shelf
• Side hook and basket create optimal storage for the Multi-Treatment Base
• Lightweight polymer construction
• Each shelf contains an antimicrobial to promote a clean environment
• Equipped with 4 locking castors to ease transportation within the department
• Extended handle makes maneuvering the cart easy

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Bionix Max3 Plus Board RT- 7020 / The Max3TM Plus Breast Board
Four integrated elevation carbon fiber wedges at 7O,12O,17O, 23O.
Indexing Backstop Cushion to prevent patients from involuntarily sliding downward.
Able to accommodate patients up to 350lbs.
Compatible with Embrace Head Only VersaFrames.
Compatible with Silverman head supports.
Locks down onto most treatment couches.
Accommodates Butterfly Board, Arm Supports and SecureVac™ Bags
Large grid panels for increased treatment angles

Product Detail Sheet / Instructions / Positioning Sheet
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Max3 Accessories Product Detail Sheet
Clocking Plate Arm Support RT-5035-L / Left Support
RT-5035-R / Right Support

The clocking plate arm support rotates the arm
right and left and also moves up and down.
This system will allow you to easily move the
arm into the position needed.
• Low profile design is ideal for smaller bore CT’s.
• Provides 3 axes of adjustment with multiple
indexing points.
• Simple design makes adjustment quick & easy.

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  Backstop RT-5050 / Back Stop
The Back Stop by Bionix helps provide
extra support and prevents the patient
from slipping down. The vinyl covered
wedge can be positioned in six different
positions for better reproducibility.
The Back Stop is included when you
purchase the Max3™ and is available as
an accessory for the Max2™ or Max2™
Sim Board.

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Arm Cups RT-5043 / Calibrated Arm Cups
The calibrated arm supports are great additions
to any of the Bionix breast boards. Bionix arm
supports provide flexibility, support and comfort
improving patient positioning and reproducibility.
• Offers 5 indexing points on the vertical post,
4 on the horizontal and 4 to rotate the arm support.
• Provides a secure support for the patients’
arms during treatment.
• Thick arm pad provides extra patient comfort
during immobilization.

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Butterfly Boards Product Detail Sheet      
Carbon Fiber Extended Butterfly Board RT-7527
Carbon Fiber Extended Butterfly Board
• Made of lightweight & radiolucent Carbon Fiber
• Extended design for taller patients and narrow
• T-Grip hand support for Easy Two-way Indexing
• Indexes to couchtops and Max3 Breastboards
• Transport handle for easier repositioning,
transporting and storing

Instructions / Positioning Sheet
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  Carbon Fiber Butterfly Board RT-7526
Carbon Fiber Butterfly Board

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Acrylic Butterfly Lung/Breast Board RT-5526
Acrylic Butterfly Lung/Breast Board

A single piece, polycarbonate base, and
lightweight, durable board that serves one very
important role - It gives patients a place to rest
their arms. A simple and comfortable way to
support patient's arms during treatment of the
breast, lungs or thorax. It's designed to fit into a
CT Scanner. It's easily added to any Bionix
Breast Board or TorsoBoard if you need some
elevation and stability.

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  Extended Butterfly Board RT-5527 / Extended Butterfly Board
Used for treatment and/or diagnostic
procedures of the breast, lung and thorax, the
Bionix Extended Butterfly Board comfortably
supports a patient's arms. Designed to fit into
a CT scanner the Extended Butterfly Board
features a one-piece polycarbonate base with
an adjustable T-Bar handgrip. The T-Bar offers
both vertical and horizontal adjustments for
precise patient positioning and maximum comfort.

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Narrow Butterfly Board RT-5528 / Narrow Butterfly Board
Height: 6-1/4''
Width: 19-1/2'' wing to wing
Width Inside Wing: 14''
Length: 23 - 1/2''

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